Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Didn't Even Feel It...Thank God!

Really...I didn't even feel the earthquake which is a good thing since they freak me out and I forget everything and want to run outside and scream. I forget about standing under the doorway and all that and I just break into a sweat. I mean I'm a NATIVE Californian and have been through a few rockers and rollers. I must have been in the car and only heard about it when a telemarketer called from back east. He must have thought me mentally deficient because I said something like what quake...


Lisa "Oceandreamer" S. said...

I am like you, they FREAK me matter what size they are. I run to a doorway and I'm breathing heavy and I whimper like a wee baby. It's pitiful really when you consider I was born and raised here!
If we were together can you imagine?
p.s. glad all is ok!

Lorraine said...

It would be something like a sitcom....two colorfully dressed women "of a certain age" screaming and trying to get outside at exactly the same time!

craftyhala said...

When I lived in Santa Cruz, California, I became used to the rockin' and rollin'.I hung a necklace from the ceiling and if I woke and it was swaying, I knew it was an earthquake, or the alarm would go off at the harbour and it was creepy to hear it in the middle of the night. I'd hear the alarm and the waves would splash on the beach for a bit.
I'm glad all is well with you.