Saturday, August 16, 2008

Garden Angel

The garden angel is thinking about the summer's end. Thinking it's too bad the nice lady who lives in the pretty yellow house can't be home as a career instead of being gone away all day.


Anonymous said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the Garden Angel!!! Great site. Do you design it yourself or have it done? Very classy/classic/upscale...(if your life isn't like that at least your blog is. You are becoming the person you have always admired. Is that the silver lining to growing old. My bench marker for know ing when it's time to move on is when I can't cut my own toenails. Are you aware that there is a "service" that goes to old peop;e's homes and cuts their toenails? But teaching 1st grade ain't so bad now, uh? I'll blog wit cha later :)) I'm at work (oh, those state employees!)

Merry Mari said...


Lorriane, Congrats on blogging!

Our puppy is keeping us very busy. Hope to drop by one day so you can meet her.

Will catch up later.

Way to go Lorraine!

Marilyn (Merry Mari)