Monday, August 18, 2008

Heart Art

Found this heart on a parking space stripe in the mall. Made of oil spots or gum or something. I think it's in the "Found Urban Art" category. I found it! Honest! It's not a set up or fake. I plan on looking for more hearts wherever they may be hiding.


Rachael said...

Hey Lo. Love the blog page. Cool heart art. Really liked the angel you had a few days ago. Rach is helping me respond because I couldn't do it on my own. :) We can be dinasaurs together. Lemme know if you get this. BTW, it's Danette. Rachael was signed into her Google email account when I had her post this, so it'll show up as her.

Lorraine said...

Got the comment! Glad it worked for you with help from your in-house techie. I'm going to post every few days (hopefully) so check back in!