Wednesday, September 24, 2008

View From the Old Bridge

This is looking the other way from the old bridge off the highway in the post from a day trip a few days ago. Going anywhere...escape...seems wonderful.


Lisa "Oceandreamer" S. said...

Oh all these beach photos make my pulse race! I am itching to get down to SB and drive along the coast....I love that! How funny a bridge is just sitting there like that!
Sounds like school and the kids get a bit definitely need to take moments just for you!
And your yelling....I cannot imagine you ever raising your voice.
If we get down there we must meet at the Greek restaurant!

mary ann said...

maybe miss moss needs to take a coast drive tomorrow.
i've been by this bridge.
love its lonely location

Lorraine said...

Lisa...Say the word and we're on at The Greek! If I have enough to drink I might even get up and dance myself...Lorraine

Lorraine said...

Miss Moss definately needs to take a drive up the coast! I won't even make you sing "Down By The Bay"...after all if you're that far away from LA it's some kind of vacation day!...Lorraine