Sunday, October 12, 2008

Belated BD Lunch

Belated BD lunch with at a friend in a funky restaurant near downtown. Have my new camera and am practicing like crazy.
This is the view through an open window next to our's mostly painted on the wall outside the window.

Is this the frog prince? Thank you Ms. D. for a great afternoon of food and talk and friendship. I am blessed by the love and support of WONDERFUL, REAL WOMEN who I adore!


Gemma said...

Hi Lorraine
I saw your post on Glitter sisters site! Glad you've started blogging regularly. Yes I agree our sister friends are the besT! Glad you enjoyed your outing today!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lorraine,
I finally logged on the computer to do something FUN!
I love your blog. What an incredible way to communicate.
Lunch with you was great. We need to get together again SOON. So much to catch up on.
Bye for now. TAD