Thursday, October 16, 2008

Economic Stimulation Package...Lady Lemonade Style

I am a Proud JUNKER who is doing her her humble stimulate the economy. I took my stash of $20 and spent it ALL in one weekend on the following...
Added ALABAMA to my Cheezy State Plate at 22 states found.


Guest towels...heavily startched!

Embroidered towel.

Rusted vintage tin box. I tried my best to kick start the economy. I even found a few more goodies but they might end up as Christmas gifts...


Naturegirl said...

Hello Lady Lemonade!
It's been awhile since I stopped by..travelled all summer..oh I LoVe that tin box...what fun I'd have with it in my garden!Great finds!Love your
portrait photo!!..memories

Kate said...


It looks like you just got a great group of things. I was in the craft store and was talking to the lady next to me who lamented all she bought and what the H would think. I told her tell him you are supporting the economy....It needs it. I have a 50% off coupon that I need to use today....