Sunday, October 26, 2008

I Try the Stencil Thing (with mixed results)

Found this overall stencil at a craft store...and glory hallelujah! LOW ODOR paint!!! I'm back on with trying the stencils. (The smell of regular spray paint made me want to barf and shortened my graffeti artist career.) So I got a little excited and sprayed several pages which stuck together...they really do mean quick drying.... so I lost several journal pages to The Stencil Learning Curve for Slow Learners.
Found this one at a craft store and added it to a journal page. I'll like it even more when I can get it to not stick to the previous page. HELLO! Slow down impatient stenciller.

Tried a palm tree on journal page. Plan to recut on stencil stuff and try again. Found plastic and am trying to cut my own stencils. As with many things it's harder than it looks. Especially for The Impatient Stenciller. But great fun!

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