Sunday, October 19, 2008

Super Saturday With Tea for Two

Who woulda' thought the shy, tall girl I met 23 years ago would turn into a beauty who would take me to tea on a super Saturday outing...and say wonderful things about how I helped raise her...and buy me 1ooo Artist Journal Pages???!!! Lucky me...
We tried on several hat/ boa combos to get the right look.

Table rose in apricot color...who could resist taking so many pictures their new camera flashed "Memory Full" in red? Not me...a "friend of mine".

All tables had different china, hats, boas, gloves, vintage photos... It should say "NO BOYS ALLOWED" on front door.

Fall themed decorations were everywhere. They change the theme each month...October is "Pumpkins".

Hat, gloves, forward as usual! Thank you ever so much KLB! You know how to pick 'em!


sickpuppy said...

I'm so glad that you and that tall, shy girl got together. you changed her life. Mine too!!

Danette said...

Very cool way to spend a Saturday (or any day for that matter!) I personally own several boas b/c they (and my tiaras!) are a "must have". Who knows when the Queen may drop by for a tete-a-tete?