Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Unfinished Symphony...Sort Of

Ever wonder why I don't post more artwork? Why I'm too tired to have a coherant conversation before I turn in at 9:00PM? It's the UNFINISHED SYMPHONY of the needs of testing, retesting, tracking, corraling, herding, and sometimes even teaching 20 first graders who would rather be going to see some musical about cute high schoolers!


judie said...

FIRST graders?? Oh my, I didn't realize it was first graders you were teaching. You are soooo brave Mz. Lemonade! I really liked your shadow pictures. What a kewl idea and they make good art, too. They're your own, home grown stencils! Betcha your first graders would like shadow pics too. xoxoxo

Lorraine said...

Some call it brave...others call it insane...I call it tired after chasing around the Pumpkin Patch all day today and then being asked...."Did we miss recess?"