Sunday, January 30, 2011

Taking An Extended Break

I have decided to take an extended blogging break. 

Not sure where I will go with this blogging experience for now.  Grammiehood calls.   Art supplies are scattered due to home remodeling project and the muse has abandoned me anyway. 

I think I am in the middle of a 60-something crisis.   Or readjustment.   I am not at all fact, life is better than it's been for years.

But the little yellow house on the hill is completely reinventing herself...and perhaps it is time for me to do so, too.

Color my hair?   Buy a convertible?   Become a cougar?   The possibilities are endless...


Tinker said...

Grammie-hood is the best, isn't it? Enjoy your time away!
p.s. Your grandbaby is adorable!

Mr and Mrs C. said...

recieved your paint and pass today, it's almost home to you :)